Learn To Skate (LTS)

Learn to Skate:
It is exactly that. Every child is getting used to being on skates and balancing without falling.
Age: 2-8 years old
Practice: Friday and Saturday
We welcome all to L.T.S. If you child is older and learns the skills to move up to their appropriate age level during the season the coaches will make that happen.  Our Mission is for all the children to enjoy coming to the arena and look forward to Hockey Time.
LTS Goals:
1st year – Understand what equipment goes where and why.
         – Stand up without assistance on the Ice.
         – Get up off the Ice without assistance.
         – Push with both legs.
2nd year
         – Be able to change direction.
         – Start to understand what crossovers are and attempt to do them.
         – Be able to stop without running into the boards at least one way.