NHYHA Squirt House Players Wanted

NHYHA is still looking for players for a 2017-2018 Squirt House team. Former Spartan player Doug Grucza has agreed to coach the team. Anyone interested please contact NHYHA President, Chris Moran (blueshirt@roadrunner.com, 315-404-4737). If there is enough interest we will put together a few spring/summer ice slots.

2017-2018 NHYHA Squirts

NHYHA is still looking for players for our 2017-2018 Squirt team.  If you are interested, please come of the tryout on Saturday, 04/29, 1130-1230PM @ Whitestown Rec Center.

All skaters must register for tryouts via the following form.  If your Skater did not skate in NHYHA for the 2016-2017 season you must bring a release from your 2016-2017 association in order to tryout.

2016-2017 NHYHA Squirts

Attention potential squirt families:
New Hartford Youth Hockey is actively working to field teams at all levels for next season. With the numbers being low at the squirt level there has been a lot of question as to whether we would field a squirt team. We are looking into the possibility of working with Whitestown if we need to once again this year. We plan to hold squirt tryouts or evaluations when we do the rest of our tryouts sometime in the mid to end of April. Please look for additional info to come out in the next few weeks. Thank You for your patience and enjoy your spring and summer.

Chris Moran
NHYHA President

Squirt House & Pee Wee House Combined Teams

Attention all New Hartford squirt house and pee wee house players:

If you haven’t already heard we are happy to announce that our squirt house and pee wee house teams will be combined with Whitestown squirt and pee wee house teams. If you registered in New Hartford for either of these levels your first 2 weeks of ice will be over in Whitestown. The first week of ice will be what they call boot camp, which allows all players to get a feel for the ice again. The second week will involve evaluations of players to make sure they are playing at the appropriate skill level. After those first 2 weeks both teams will be utilizing Whitestown and new Hartford ice for practices and games.

This merger has been carefully worked out over the course of the summer between the 2 organizations. Dennis Golis from New Hartford will be involved with the merged pee wee team. Right now we will be utilizing Whitestown coaches for the combined squirt team until someone from NH comes forward to help. All teams will be registered in the Snowbelt leagues which will offer up a decent game schedule.  The season will be starting on Monday September 28 so if you haven’t registered please do. The first 2 weeks of ice in Whitestown is listed below. Again this is for house players only. If you have already been selected for a New Hartford travel team please see our web site for your schedule. Any questions please call me at 404-4737 or email blueshirt@roadrunner.com

– Chris Moran

9/28 Monday
7-7:50 – Squirt Bootcamp
8-8:50 – Peewee Bootcamp

9/30 Wednesday
6-6:50 – Squirt Bootcamp
7–7:50 – Peewee Bootcamp

10/1 Thursday
6-6:50- Squirt Bootcamp
7-7:50 – Peewee Bootcamp

10/5 Monday
7-7:50 – Squirt Tryouts
8-8:50 – Peewee Tryouts

10/7 Wednesday
6-6:50 – Squirt Tryouts
7-7:50 – Peewee Tryouts

10/8 Thursday
7-7:50  – Squirt Tryouts
8-8:50 – Peewee Tryouts

NHYHA 2015/2016 Squirt Travel Roster

Squirt Travel 2015-16 Roster


Sawyer Kramer

Griffin Garcia

Derek DeFazio

Garrett Eisenhut

Alex Raiano

Josh Bono

Ben Alexander

Rowan Gall

Logan Banek

Kristian Smith 

Colin Calhoun


There will be a one day tryout in the fall for players that weren’t able to attend the spring tryout.  There will be a few additional spots on this team to fill.  


2015-2016 Squirt and Peewee Teams

Dear NHYHA Member,
I am writing this letter to those who would be interested in playing at the squirt or pee wee level this season. As you are aware we have already had tryouts and either your child was not chosen for the select team or you were not interested in them trying out. We need to get a gauge for what the numbers are outside of the selections made at tryouts. The association is very much interested in hosting 2nd teams at the squirt and pee wee levels. It is very possible that we may need to work in conjunction with other organizations to field teams.

If you could please notify me (blueshirt@roadrunner.com) of you and your child’s intentions for next season that would be great.

The board can then pursue coaches and determine what teams will be fielded. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Hopefully we can put all the kids on the ice here in New Hartford.

Best Regards

Chris Moran,
NHYHA President