NHYHA Squirt House Players Wanted

NHYHA is still looking for players for a 2017-2018 Squirt House team. Former Spartan player Doug Grucza has agreed to coach the team. Anyone interested please contact NHYHA President, Chris Moran (blueshirt@roadrunner.com, 315-404-4737). If there is enough interest we will put together a few spring/summer ice slots.

Squirt House & Pee Wee House Combined Teams

Attention all New Hartford squirt house and pee wee house players:

If you haven’t already heard we are happy to announce that our squirt house and pee wee house teams will be combined with Whitestown squirt and pee wee house teams. If you registered in New Hartford for either of these levels your first 2 weeks of ice will be over in Whitestown. The first week of ice will be what they call boot camp, which allows all players to get a feel for the ice again. The second week will involve evaluations of players to make sure they are playing at the appropriate skill level. After those first 2 weeks both teams will be utilizing Whitestown and new Hartford ice for practices and games.

This merger has been carefully worked out over the course of the summer between the 2 organizations. Dennis Golis from New Hartford will be involved with the merged pee wee team. Right now we will be utilizing Whitestown coaches for the combined squirt team until someone from NH comes forward to help. All teams will be registered in the Snowbelt leagues which will offer up a decent game schedule.  The season will be starting on Monday September 28 so if you haven’t registered please do. The first 2 weeks of ice in Whitestown is listed below. Again this is for house players only. If you have already been selected for a New Hartford travel team please see our web site for your schedule. Any questions please call me at 404-4737 or email blueshirt@roadrunner.com

– Chris Moran

9/28 Monday
7-7:50 – Squirt Bootcamp
8-8:50 – Peewee Bootcamp

9/30 Wednesday
6-6:50 – Squirt Bootcamp
7–7:50 – Peewee Bootcamp

10/1 Thursday
6-6:50- Squirt Bootcamp
7-7:50 – Peewee Bootcamp

10/5 Monday
7-7:50 – Squirt Tryouts
8-8:50 – Peewee Tryouts

10/7 Wednesday
6-6:50 – Squirt Tryouts
7-7:50 – Peewee Tryouts

10/8 Thursday
7-7:50  – Squirt Tryouts
8-8:50 – Peewee Tryouts